Beyond the Bowline: Essential Knots & Knot Theory

  • Instructor:
    Teresa Carey
  • Level:
    Beginning 101
  • Date:
    Tuesday, October 8, 2024
  • Time:
    2:15 - 3:45

Knots and ropework can be used to fix just about everything! We’ll cover an introduction to key terminology and knot theory. We will discuss when to add an extra turn, hitch, or slippery hitch and the appropriate applications for different knots. We’ll get an intro to bends, knots, tensioning knots, purchase, slip knots and hitches, knots for lines of differing thickness, bends, and more. We will even talk about when not to use the bowline! Then, we will dive into hands-on practice. Time permitting, we will cover some essential knots and bends like: rolling hitch, figure eight, sheepshank, zeppelin bend, fisherman’s bend, round turn and two half hitches, trucker’s hitch, lashing and frapping, and…yes, the bowline. We can cover more if there is time. If we run out of time, we’ll send you some helpful resources to continue learning the essentials. Bring a 3ft + piece of line.