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Take the Wheel has been presented by the Annapolis Boat Shows since 2010.

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It was a lot of fun getting to experience both types of boats in the size and configuration we were interested in along with those that we had not considered.

A great place to meet couples interested in becoming cruisers and share experiences in that journey of discovery.

This was an amazing chance to sail some of the models I want to buy, and it quickly let me see what I like and what I didn’t.

The Take The Wheel program was very informative. The speakers are very knowledgeable. The program was organized and the experience on the sailboats was exciting and memorable. My husband and I like it so much we want to take it again.

It’s great fun and an opportunity to sail a boat to which you ordinarily don’t have access. We’ve done it twice on different sizes and styles.

Super chance to get behind the wheel of a yacht you might want to purchase.

Great opportunity to sea trial several boats and assist with identifying features and differences between them as part of the whole evaluation process when selecting a boat to purchase. Also great opportunity to introduce a non-sailing spouse or other individual to what being on the water in a sailboat has to offer.

Excellent learning experience for new and experienced boaters.  The afternoon demo rides were a highlight!
Awesome experience

Take the Wheel is a great way to get first hand experience with a range of different boats – different sizes, layouts, and features.  It helps you focus on key factors in deciding on your (next) boat.

Outstanding!  Between the lectures, networking and actually getting to Take the Wheel on a number of boats exceeded our expectations.  We were considering a catamaran, but after the experience, we concluded that we are strictly monohull sailors.  It has encouraged my wife to Take the Wheel of our 48 foot sailboat and do more coastal cruising.

Take the Wheel was a wonderful experience to take the helm and get a feel of a  a large multihull sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay.

What a great way to get some time on a number of boats.  Not just at the dock or at a show, but on the water.  If you have never been on a cat or monohull, now is your time.  A great chance to talk to the skippers and learn from their experiences too.  Even if you’re already a sailor, this is is a great learning experience.

This was an amazing chance to sail some of the models I want to buy, and it quickly let me see what I like and what I didn’t.

I have attended the Annapolis Boat Shows twice and participated in Take the Wheel program both times.  The program support personnel, guest speakers, and skippers are professional and readily share their  knowledge freely.  It has been an excellent way for my wife and I to explore characteristics of multihulls and systems for future purchase.

Great. Too short.

The entire experience was very enjoyable! Being able to drive/ride on the various types of boats helped us make our final boat purchase decision. The entire staff made it informative and fun!

Fantastic experience! A great way to make sure your partner is in line with your goals on boat ownership.

Take the Wheel was a great introduction and confirmed for us our plans to delve into sailing and eventually sail the world.

As a novice sailor, I found the Take the Wheel experience to be a fun, interactive way to get on the water, meet other sailors and expand my love of the water. I highly recommend it!

Great experience, especially for my wife. I was a lifelong sailor but she was reluctant as she was intimidated by the complexity and jargon. She was immediately put at ease when the instructor (who was great) said you can be a sailor or an anchorer. From there she was relaxed that sailing appealed to her as well.

A beautiful day sailing. If they are sailing the boat you are thinking about buying, it will be a lot of fun.

Program is great regardless of your experience. Really a pleasant way to meet new people and spend a day on the water with the added benefit of seeing what type of sailboat will truly meet your wants and needs.