Giorgio Ghiggini
GEC Aqua Map

Giorgio Ghiggini
GEC Aqua Map

Who we are

GEC was founded in 2013 by experts in the GPS marine navigation and cartography field, with over 65 years of combined experience working for top companies like Magneti Marelli, Delta Informatica, and Navionics Spa.

What we offer

Revolutionizing Marine & Outdoor Navigation with Geo-Ecosystem GEC’s first priority was to create a data format that was efficient and well-compressed for use in embedded environments.

We had the great opportunity to create a completely new user interface, different from what we were used to seeing until then.

By customizing open-source libraries, we were able to offer unique features such as screen rotation, 16 million color options, customizable font styles and sizes and much more.

In September 2013, GEC launched Aqua Map, on the iTunes market. Initially a simple chart viewer, Aqua Map has since evolved into a full-featured marine navigation app. With its clear and intuitive interface, it’s no wonder users have called Aqua Map “incredibly clear.”

Building on the success of Aqua Map, GEC expanded into terrestrial data with Terra Map. With worldwide coverage and features such as hiking and biking trails, elevation curves, points of interest, and much more, Terra Map is the perfect app for outdoor enthusiasts.

Where we are

GEC is situated in the heart of Tuscany, in the charming city of Viareggio, located between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Apuan Alps. Viareggio is well-known for its luxury yacht and boat manufacturing, and is considered one of the leading players in the national and international boating industry.

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