Sail Theory & Points of Sail

  • Instructor:
    John Calogero
  • Level:
    Beginning 101 Intermediate 201
  • Date:
    Friday, October 13, 2023
  • Time:
    8:15 - 9:45

If you ever tried to learn the concepts of points of sail or sail theory from a textbook and got confused, you’re not alone. It is a lot to take in. The classroom theory will complement on the water experience, even if you’ve been sailing for years. It will also establish a way for partners to communicate with each other. This is a foundational course, but most experienced sailors also learn new ways to think about sail trim, communication, and wind over sail!

Topics Include: Points of sail, Bernoulli’s principle, steering with the sails aka rudderless sailing, actual and apparent wind, leeway, heave to, sailing backward, wind aloft, setting and striking, reefing.