Rules of the Road – Staying Safe While Underway

  • Instructor:
    Captain Deb Marlor
  • Level:
    Beginning 101 Intermediate 201
  • Date:
    Thursday, October 10, 2024
  • Time:
    8:15 - 11:30

Captain Deb shares her knowledge and expertise to simplify the rules of the road in a fun, visual environment. The curriculum is specific and follows the USCG Col-Regs . This perspective of teaching will allow you to apply knowledge from this class that will provide greater confidence and understanding of navigational situations, and conditions. Reference Manual, Flash cards and more….

  • USCG Aids to Navigation – understanding the information
    • Basic understanding of Channel markers, and navigation aids
  • Basic understanding of Vessel types their pecking order
    • Constrained by Draft
    • Restricted in their Ability to Maneuver (Dredging, Servicing Nav Aids, Minesweeping)
    • Vessel Not under Command
  • Rules & Responsibilities
    • Operator responsibilities and collision avoidance
  • Maneuvering – Stand-on versus Give-way vessel
    • Crossing situation
    • Meeting a vessel – head on
    • Overtaking a vessel
  • Risk of collision & avoidance
  • Vessels in Priority
  • Lights & Shapes(Flags)
  • Sound Signals
    • Required sounding equipment
    • Maneuvering and warning signals
    • Inland Overtaking Signals, Head-on signals
    • And more…..