Introduction to Charts & Chartplotters

  • Instructor:
    Captain Deb Marlor
  • Level:
    Beginning 101
  • Date:
    Thursday, October 10, 2024
  • Time:
    12:30 - 3:45

A primary key to safe boating is situational awareness, which includes local conditions, understanding exactly where you are and what effects of the underwater topography will have on your passage. Depth and topography, conditions, weather and more.  Get comfortable with your Charts & Chart Plotter.

This course will prepare you to:

  • Confidently read and understand your charts and use your chart plotter while sailing/boating
  • Learn and understand Latitude & Longitude – get a fix, where you are at a given date and time, plan where you are going
  • Depth soundings
  • Underwater topography
  • Land physical characteristics
  • Using a compass
  • Currents and Tides
  • Getting the correct chart for your trip
  • Compass Rose – what is it, how to use it
  • Calculating distance, measuring a course
  • Finding your points on your chart (first point to second point)
  • Navigator – job description
  • Begin testing your skills by being the navigator
  • Learn how to use the Chart plotter
  • GPS – Manufacturers
  • Modes/settings
  • AIS receiving and what you see and how to use it
  • Using other apps Navionics, Predict Wind, Windy