Introduction to Basic Radar Navigation

  • Instructor:
    Ben Carey
  • Level:
    Beginning 101
  • Date:
    Wednesday, October 9, 2024
  • Time:
    8:15 - 9:45

Radar remains unparalleled in guiding your vessel through even the most challenging conditions, whether it’s navigating the darkest of nights or the thickest of fogs. Radar helps you not only establish your position using a lone buoy or landmark but also identify other vessels and obstacles in your vicinity. The modern radar, with its smaller size, affordability, and increased features, makes it a must-have piece of gear more than ever before for both sailors and powerboaters.

This Seminar will help you:
Choose the best radar model for your sail or powerboat
Install, adjust, and operate your system
Explore the pros and cons of different display modes: Head-up, North-up, and Course-up
Interpret the images on your radar screen
Pilot your boat and track the movements of vessels around you
Navigate with just a RADAR in limited visibility, the fog, or at night.
Use EBLs and VRMs to effectively avoid collisions
Set range guards and alarms
Use radar to track and avoid squalls, to outmaneuver competitors in a yacht race, and for other useful tasks
Interface your radar with a digital compass, GPS, or electronic chart