Electrical Systems – Understanding and Troubleshooting (Master Class)

  • Instructor:
    Scott Berg
  • Level:
    Beginning 101 Intermediate 201
  • Date:
    Thursday, October 10 & Friday, October 11, 2024
  • Time:
    8:15 - 3:45

A Master Class with Scott Berg

Day 1


Introduction to electrical theory

(includes in class demo of volts, amps, and resistance)

Introduction to Direct Current & Storage Batteries (Lead Acid and LiFePO4)

Selecting, installing, charging, managing

(includes demonstration with battery and devices)

Introduction to DC Systems

Selecting, installing, managing, integrating (summary)

Charging Batteries

Wind, Solar, Engine alternator, Chargers


Safety, Codes, and Best Practices



Day 2


Introduction to Alternating Current & Shore Power

Differences and similarities in different nations power offerings

Connecting to shore power in the US, the EU, and the Caribbean

How to cruise different countries and ‘plug in’

Shore power safety and shock hazards on board and in the water

(demo of shore power connections and fault monitoring)


Learning your boats shore power system

Cords, Circuit Breakers, and Panels

AC Systems, loads, and associated risks


Generators for AC

Selecting, maintaining, integrating into your system


AC Battery chargers and Inverter Chargers


Safety, codes, and best practices